In today’s economy, small business is constantly being challenged by mounting costs of operating a successful business in Ontario. Consistently rising fuel, electricity and workforce costs are just some of the expenses eating away at an SMBs profits.

Saving money and increasing profits can sometimes be complicated especially when looking at operational requirements such as mobility. Outfitting your team and field workers with the tools they need is absolutely a cost of doing business but, does it have to be so expensive?

It doesn’t!

Here are 5 ways to save money on your Small Business Mobility Plan:

  1. Start by taking a closer look at your current mobile and corporate telecom invoices. Take the time to review your invoices with your Telus mobility expert to assess possible savings opportunities. Identify your needs / must-haves, and set out your “would be nice to have – at a good price” features and options.
  2. Pooled and Shared Data – Pooling and sharing data allows SMBS to share one data plan, giving businesses the freedom to share data across all devices with one easy to manage plan. You can limit data consumption costs and usage across the board.
  3. Consider enrolling in 3 year term agreements as they provide better cost controls, and a monthly minimum for premium devices that could start $50 rather than $75 on 2 year term agreements.
  4. TELUS offers the Roam Ready for SMB plan that provides cost assurance when traveling to the United States. Your business will enjoy the benefits of not having to pay a monthly access fee, and your team will be instantly connected to an all-in-one roaming solution providing them with unlimited access to text messages, and exceptional value on voice and flexible data that automatically adjusts to usage across the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands).

    “Roaming whenever you need it, without calling for a TELUS Passport or paying a monthly fee”

  5. If you’re considering switching carriers, TELUS provides port credits ($300 per user porting from Bell or Rogers), this cost savings will help to absorb the cost associate with switching carriers. International Roaming solutions are also available.

Transform Your Business with PCI

Enabling your team’s productivity and mobility while saving money on mobility costs is just the beginning when it comes to propelling your small business into it’s next phase of growth. PCI Wireless is at the ready to provide your business with financially-savvy solutions including networks and VPN and other advanced options to transform your business with smart technology.

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