TELUS Business Connect

Access your phones from any location, and almost any device. You can direct the system to your landline, your computer, your mobile app, tablet, and more….

If you have customers calling you from overseas, or if you are travelling, you can be flexible and allow faster communication.

You can better manage your mobile workforce or outsides sales team by giving them TELUS Business Connect.

There is no need to access multiple voice mails. You can now get your voice mail messages in one area; whether you want it in your email or through your phone system we can centralize it. You can also create schedules and recording time to better manage your time.

Need more transparency? You can have phone recording, and access phone logs of your employees to better service and support them.

Use Video/Audio Conferencing: our conferencing solutions can help you get a better return on employees.

Have Fax-On-The-Go, allow your customers to fax you and have it go to your email or mobile phone. This will increase your organization’s agility and responsiveness.

Get a Toll-Free Number. Allow your customers, suppliers, stakeholders and employees to reach you without having to incur long-dist