In a concentrated effort to put the customer first, TELUS has introduced Peace of Mind Business plans to offer companies endless data packages. This is a tremendous benefit for business owners that will no longer need to worry about incurring irksome overage fees at the end of the month.

I’m sure at one time or another almost everyone has taken a look at a monthly internet bill and was shocked and appalled at the outrageous fees charged for data overages. Of course, these preposterous rates are charged on purpose in an attempt to encourage people to step up to a more expensive data plan. TELUS Peace of Mind business data plans offer a practical and affordable solution.

TELUS Peace of Mind Plans for Business

There are several Peace of Mind promotional plans to choose from, depending on the amount of data required, number of users, and other preferences.

Peace of Mind Plans – 1 to 29 Users

For businesses looking for plans to cover between 1 and 29 employees, fees will be:

  • Peace of Mind 30GB – $80 per month
  • Peace of Mind 35GB – $85 per month
  • Owner’s Advantage 50GB – $100 per month

Cost savings can really start to add up with more users on your plan. Plans covering 10 people can result in $3000 discounts per year, and $6,000 for two year plans.

Peace of Mind FAQs

When exploring the options Peace of Mind plans have to offer, you may have some questions before getting started. Here are some of the typical questions asked.

What is Endless Data?

One of the best features of Peace of Mind plans is the endless data they offer. Endless data works by providing each user with a specified amount of monthly data at the start of the billing cycle. For instance, if a user starts with 20GB of data at the beginning of the month they will receive high speed data delivery until the 20GB is all used up. If the data limit is reached before the end of the month, the delivery speed drops down to 512 kbps.

If a user requires a top up of high speed to get through to the end of the billing cycle, Fast Pass data can be purchased for extra coverage.

What devices can be used with Peace of Mind plans?

You will have a wide range of Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and other premium devices that can be covered. One option is to use your own existing device.

Looking for a new device? TELUS offers the opportunity to get the newest and best in smartphone technology for $0 upfront.

TELUS Smartphones

Even the new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G series and the iPhone 11 series can be obtained from an authorized TELUS dealer for no money down.


You also have the option to trade in an existing TELUS device at the end of its contract to reduce the monthly price.

What is TELUS Easy Payment?

This feature allows the user to spread payments out over a period of 24 months at 0% interest in order to get a new smartphone for $0 down.

How can I get set up with a Peace of Mind business plan?

Peace of Mind plans are available from PCI Wireless, TELUS authorized dealer in the Scarborough and Toronto area.

TELUS PCI Wireless

The experts at PCI Wireless can help assist you with any questions and concerns you might have, and get you started with your Peace of Mind Business plan.

TELUS smartphones are also available, starting at $0 down, to take advantage of improved productivity and better operational efficiency for your employees. Never worry about going over budget with TELUS Peace of Mind for business.