The need to unify business communications into one organized system has never been greater. The global economy now has offices and workers spread out around the planet, making it important to stay connected.

Keeping information flowing to all employees so they don’t miss any important updates or crucial information has become a real challenge.

One solution to keep all employees consistently engaged and business operations uniform is TELUS Business Connect, offered by PCI Wireless. PCI Wireless provides wireless and communication solutions for businesses in Scarborough, Toronto and the GTA.

What does TELUS Business Connect offer?

TELUS Business Connect is much more dynamic and versatile than your typical office phone system. It uses the broad reach and power of the internet to provide VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services to consolidate your phone system on a global scale.

TELUS Business Connect makes it extremely simple to manage calls, collaborate, and standardize communication tools for all employees. It is also a great way to expand your client base both locally and internationally by streamlining operations.

How does TELUS Business Connect help my business?

There are several ways that TELUS Business Connect can help increase productivity while cutting unnecessary expenses.

A few examples of how TELUS Business Connect can be advantageous for your company, are:

  • Regulating communications tools to increase productivity
  • Enhancing collaborative capabilities with video and audio conferencing
  • Standardizing routing procedure
  • Reduce communication expenses of a dispersed workforce

Regulating Communications Tools

Making sure all employees have access to the same communication tools is very helpful in organizing the approach to client relations and customer service. With an increasingly mobile workforce, it is sometimes difficult for employees to distinguish the line that separates work life from personal life.

For instance, if all your employees are using their own devices for personal communication and correspondence, things can get complicated. The same is true if employees are using work devices for personal correspondence. Either way, productivity is going to suffer.

TELUS Business Connect is an ideal way to keep work and play separate, increasing production and focus.

Enhancing Collaboration

Another advantage of TELUS Business Connect is the capacity for collaboration with other team members locally or globally. Seeing logged-in users on the system, workers will always know who is available to share ideas with and attain required information.

Audio and visual conferencing options are also very helpful for group collaborations, as well as connecting with clients in any city or country.

Standardizing Call Routing Procedure

TELUS Business Connect gives businesses the ability to route calls based on their business needs. Auto attendant makes it easy for the customers to reach the right team 24/7. Customer calls can be routed to a single phone or a group so important calls are not missed. Also, it is extremely simple to create after-office hours call routing. 

Reducing Costs

In the end, it is always the goal to increase productivity and minimize expenses in order to improve the bottom line. If you have multiple offices around the country, or around the world, keeping communication costs low can become a problem. Even if it is just one office, with employees that work in different locations, expenses can get out of hand without an organized system.

Both of these scenarios can often involve using multiple service providers to cover all the bases.

TELUS Business Connect encompasses all your communication needs in one affordable package.

Features of TELUS Business Connect

There are a variety of features that come with TELUS Business Connect that can help improve business operations and communications.

Some key features include:

  • Customized greetings and directory
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Toll-free number to cut down international costs
  • Standardized tools and procedure
  • Streamlined communications

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