The TELUS exclusive program helps reduce wireless phones cost and monthly plan expenses. With the EPP Program, you can benefit from ongoing promotions and deals on the latest mobile devices and smartphones.

The program is advantageous and practical since the discounts are provided for products and services an average customer is paying for already. It also offers great benefits to employees and their families.

Persons Eligible for TELUS Exclusive Partner Program Membership

There is a range of organizations and companies that are eligible to be part of this program. Types of businesses and organizations that can take advantage of the exclusive program include;

– Banks

– Government Organizations

– Associations

– Unions

– Realtors

– Corporations

It gives you an idea of companies and organizations qualified to partner with TELUS EPP. You can reach out to the PCI Wireless Account Manager and get more information about your particular business and if it is part of the EPP program.

Is your Company already a Member of TELUS EPP?

You may be working with a company that is a partner with TELUS and you are not aware. In some cases, the benefits that come with the EPP program may not have been fully communicated. It is an opportunity to get a phone you have been admiring at a low initial cost and reduced monthly fees.

Costs Savings with TELUS EPP

The program provides discounts for employees and their families. You will benefit from special plans with unlimited voice and data. It is also convenient for family members as they are eligible.

TELUS EPP Employers Benefits.

When an employer is a TELUS exclusive partner, they are accrued many benefits. If your organization allows employees to have personal phones, cost savings are considerable. Getting discounts on mobile phones and plans will reduce costs.

Benefits of Joining the TELUS EPP Program

TELUS EPP program offers several benefits. These include:

– Smartphone Promotions

– Bring-It-Back Savings

– Anytime Access

– Monthly Savings

– Reliable Customer Service

Smartphone Promotions

Ongoing deals and promotions on devices like Samsung Galaxy 22 and iPhone 14 are included in  TELUS EPP in the program. You and your family can get special deals and discounts on the latest device.

Bring-it-Back Savings

To help reduce the cost of new devices, the EPP program includes Bring-It-Back savings. Now you can upgrade your TELUS smartphone device at little or no cost with the help of the Bring-it-Back program. Also, if you are getting a new cell phone, you can use the program to get your dream smartphone with no upfront cost.

Anytime Access

You can access the program at your own convenience throughout. The TELUS EPP experience is easy, with ongoing promotions and a convenient website for online ordering. If you place your order online, the phone can be delivered to your destination of choice or arranged for pickup.

Monthly Discounts

Exclusive partner program customers benefit from a continued monthly discount with exclusive unlimited data and voice plans for their cell phone plans. TELUS also offers discounts on other services such as Home Security. Take advantage of this program to enjoy a reduction in monthly expenses.

Reliable Customer Service

The reputation of TELUS EPP is known for its level of customer service. When you have questions regarding your program, they are handled efficiently and effectively by TELUS PCI Wireless.

For more information on TELUS Exclusive Partner Program, visit the website or contact PCI Wireless TELUS EPP Specialist.