Your home’s safety should be your priority. These days, there are so many technological advancements to promote maximum security. A home Security System is one of the best technologies to ensure a safe home for you and your family. What benefits can you achieve from such a system? 

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a core component of TELUS Home Security that ensures that cameras are installed around the house to keep a close eye on whatever is happening. In addition, cameras act as a deterrence to any person who could be having thoughts of invading your property. This is because they will think that somebody is watching them and will be afraid of what will happen if they are caught.

Doorbells are also another useful component of video surveillance since they enable homeowners to monitor any occurrence near the door. However, besides security reasons, it can also be useful when you want your close friends or other family members to drop something at your house. It’s possible for you to let them in, even when you are travelling.

Another benefit of video surveillance is the ability to monitor school-going children. You can watch the video and observe when they arrive home to ensure they are safe. Moreover, video surveillance also helps in watching the furry animal friends and monitoring their movements.

Home Alarm System

You can also enhance the safety of your family using the home alarm system. This system enables you to use windows and door sensors, glass break sensors, and motion sensors which will give you notifications whenever there is any sort of triggering on them. 

You can input various settings depending on your preferences and allow for emergency services and professional guards to be notified whenever any incident happens. The home alarm system is also useful in instances of a small child who wanders a lot or a relative who sleepwalks. This will help you to prevent any accidents by being notified when triggers happen.

When you have a home alarm system, you will prevent situations from worsening because you are always proactive. This system also comprises sensors for smoke, foods, and carbon monoxide. As such, you can fully protect your family with the integration of a home alarm system into your home security plans.

Smart Home

Smart home product is also an essential component of the Home Security System. The system is easily linked up to a mobile phone app where you can install various smart products such as locks, thermostats, lights, doorbells, garage door openers, and others. 

With a mobile gadget, you can easily manipulate the settings when you are away from home and enhance how you want your family protected. For instance, you can open the door for your child or partner, when they forget something in the house and want access. 

Instead of leaving them waiting outside until you come back, they can enter if you let them in by just a faraway control. In other instances, you might forget to switch off lights or shut down appliances. You can easily control them and switch them off. This feature is handy for controlling gadgets that have accidentally been set on and helps in reducing the risk of fire or conserving energy. You can always shut your door from your place of work in case you forget to close it. All you need to do is to access the lock key in your mobile app.

The Takeaway

Investing in a Home Security System has a wide range of benefits. You can keep your friends and family safe by monitoring and controlling the security of your home. 

To make this easy, TELUS Home Security System is all you need to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a great security system.

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