Apple devices have such a loyal following of users due to their intuitive design, versatile functionality, and impressive displays. iPhones are very useful for a wide range of projects and activities for both work and play. The iPhone 11 has seen an increase in use for business purposes due to its diverse capability and compatibility with a variety of useful productivity apps.

The iPhone 11 series provides pragmatic and convenient options for a range of business practices, and is useful for company owners, managers, employees, contractors, and entrepreneurs. As the new Apple iPhone 11 marketing platform states, it has “Just the right amount of everything”. TELUS Smartphones are the chosen device for the average business professional, which comes as no surprise, as these devices are becoming more powerful by the day, rivalling the functionality of a desktop computer with a lot more flexibility and mobility. The iOS 13 offers users an incredibly powerful operating system to organize, plan, and carry out a wide array of business functions.

Best Business Features of the iPhone 11 Series

There are a wide range of remarkable features that make the iPhone an excellent choice for business.

Some exceptional features to consider, include:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Versatility and performance
  • Strong security
  • Long battery life
  • WiFi 6 compatibility
  • Improved control center
  • Payments, updates, and storage

Enhanced Productivity

One of the biggest factors business professionals often consider when choosing the right device is the impact it will have on daily productivity. The iPhone 11 has a multitude of built-in features that can enhance productivity, as well as an incredibly wide selection of compatible productivity apps ready for download. Depending on what your intentions are, the iPhone 11 can help you effectively organize your schedule, stay on task, create valuable content, and keep in contact with customers, coworkers, and clients.

Versatility and Performance

The iPhone 11 offers better performance than ever with the A13 Bionic processor chip. The 6-core CPU provides roughly 30% more power and efficiency than its A12 predecessor. This new chip not only enhances speed and graphic quality, but also prolongs battery life significantly, for longer operating time. Plus the new operating system, iOS 13 provides users with an abundance of enhanced features. Launching and updating apps is now faster and more efficient, and the new swipe-based Quick Path keyboard option allows for quicker text entry and editing.

Strong Security

Advanced face ID makes it quick and convenient to access your device, at the same time keeping your important and sensitive data secure. The iPhone 11 also requires Biometric Authentication for App Installation. This helps ensure that anyone who has gained access to your phone cannot download harmful apps, or collect data from your phone without your authorization.

Long Battery Life

This is one of the greatest features of the iPhone 11 for maintaining high levels of productivity and being available for your colleagues and clients. The iPhone 11 series boasts all day battery life to get more done for longer. A full charge can provide users with up to 26 hours of battery life with consistent usage. This means never having to scramble to get to a charger while worrying your battery will run out at an inopportune time.

WiFi 6 Compatibility

WiFi 6 is the newest version of Wifi, which offers users higher speeds and capacity rates. WiFi 6 can support a larger number of users without sacrificing individual performance. It is also designed to take less toll on battery consumption.

Improved Control Center

Whether your iPhone 11 is running the iOS 13, or still rolling along with the iOS 11, the upgrades to the control center are a bonus for business users. The control center is now more customizable to allow iPhone 11 users to personalize their settings and functions. It now offers easier WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth connection, display mode options, and convenient voice memo recording.

Payments, Updates, and Storage

Improved operating systems make transferring money through Apple pay quick and easy. This is an excellent business function to send and receive payments from any location.

Receive important industry updates to stay on top of trending news that may have an impact on your business. The News App feature with Spotlight Tab ensures you are always in the loop.

Increased storage is another excellent feature of the updated operating system. Business professionals often need to store large amounts of data securely; this is no problem with the iPhone 11 series.