Creating an atmosphere of efficiency with a focus on effective time management can be a serious challenge for many business owners.

The difference between effective and poor time management can mean the difference between success or failure for any business.

The best way to ensure employees are making the most of their time is to lead by example and implement an effective system for employees to follow.

There is a wide variety of business apps available for your TELUS iPhones that can help with organization and project management.

These business apps can help you prioritize tasks, keep track of employee output, and stay on schedule for important deadlines.

Best Business Apps for Apple  iPhones and iPads in 2019

The number of business apps available these days is staggering, so here is a short list of some of the most useful apps for improving business operations.

  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Google calendar
  • Spark
  • Evernote
  • QuickBooks

Microsoft Office Suite Apps

Microsoft office offers a number of useful apps that can help with daily tasks and business projects.

MS word is still one of the best content creation apps around for constructing written content that can easily be shared and edited by multiple employees.

MS excel is another helpful business app for any spreadsheets that are needed, graphs or tables to display information, or calculations to be solved.

MS PowerPoint is a versatile app for creating content for presentations and demonstrations. Once your presentation has been created, it can easily be shared in an office meeting or through an online platform like zoom or skype.

Collaboration tools make group projects convenient, with content being stored securely to OneDrive.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is one of the best organizational tool for any business because of its organizational and synching capabilities.

Once you have installed the google calendar app and signed into your google account, it will automatically synchronize with any other calendar or scheduling tools you may already be using.

This way there will never be any confusion over conflicting information in your schedule.

Google calendar makes it easy to set a timeline for projects or goals, providing reminders and updates along the way to make sure important deadlines are met.

The collaborative scheduling feature makes scheduling with colleagues quick and easy.


Do you need an app to help organize your emails? Spark offers an effective email management system with a user-friendly interface and an abundance of useful features and tools.

Emails can be easily sorted to separate relevant and important emails from messages that can be ignored.

You can also categorize your emails based on urgency, informational value, and whether they are for business or personal use.

The collaboration tool allows for group email creation when multiple opinions and input is required.

The email scheduler can be set to have emails sent out at a particular time and date.


An app for taking notes can be extremely handy in a variety of business situations.

The Evernote app can be used for:

  • Taking notes or minutes in meetings
  • Setting reminders
  • Saving photos or images
  • Making lists
  • Chatting with colleagues or customers
  • Save scanned documents
  • Annotate documents
  • Create agendas
  • Write memos
  • Prepare presentations

Make a note of anything you want to remember, or refer to later, with Evernote.


QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting apps for businesses to keep track of financial information and perform accounting procedures.

Account management can be quite stressful, and the QuickBooks app can help remove some of the stress and tedium from managing customer accounts.

QuickBooks can be used to:

  • Keep track of sales and income
  • Monitor expenses and bills to avoid late payments
  • Generate reports about business trends
  • Operate payroll
  • Inventory tracking and monitoring
  • Receive online payments
  • Keep track of receipts

Latest TELUS iPhone for Business Apps

These business apps are all free to download and are compatible with your TELUS iPhone or iPad.

The most recent Apple smartphones to choose from, include:

  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone Xs Max