One of the greatest business solutions for managing company assets and employees is TELUS Fleet complete.

TELUS Fleet Complete allows for full transparency of all the activities and movements of your employees, as well as company vehicles and assets.

All tracking is monitored in real-time, which means you will have complete visibility of what is happening with your business as it is happening.

This insight can provide highly useful information about maximizing productivity from your staff, while cutting irrelevant costs and reducing expenses.

 PCI Wireless

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PCI Wireless offers a wealth of experience to its customers, with over 20 years of providing outstanding service and wireless solutions.

Operating in the GTA, the experts at PCI Wireless can help business owners in Toronto, Scarborough, and the surrounding areas grow and manage their businesses effectively.

A very powerful and practical tool for managing employees and assets is TELUS Fleet Complete.

TELUS Fleet Complete Services

TELUS Fleet Complete includes a variety of helpful services for better business management.

These services include:

  • TELUS Fleet Complete HoS
  • TELUS Asset Tracker
  • TELUS Fleet Tracker
  • TELUS Fleet Solution from Intact Insurance

TELUS Fleet Complete HoS

Proper employee management can go a long in saving your company money. Unproductive employees can seriously eat into your profits.

Fleet Complete HoS can help weed out idle workers by tracking their movements and behaviors.

To start with, all driving hours will be electronically logged into the system automatically. This will ensure that workers are putting in the required hours, and not taking personal time on the company’s dime.

It also comes with ready made reports for roadside inspections, and is compliant with US laws regarding ELD (Electronic Logging Device) regulations.

TELUS Asset Tracker

This tool is extremely useful for keeping close watch on all the valuable assets connected to your business.

Asset tracking devices can be placed on any asset you want to track and follow. Asset tracking devices are battery powered and will last as long as 3 years with only one charge, so you don’t have to worry about continually charging the battery.

If any of your tracked assets is moved, you will receive an instant alert telling you so.

The TELUS Asset tracker is ideal for monitoring things like:

  • Client packages
  • Important cargo
  • Heavy machinery and other equipment
  • Trailers
  • Mobile buildings

TELUS Fleet Tracker

The Fleet Tracker is great for businesses that operate numerous company vehicles.

The Fleet Tracker will allow you to follow and monitor all company vehicles in real time. Through this you will know exactly where all your vehicles are going and how fast they are moving.

Various data will be collected about each vehicle and driver, to provide a clear picture of driving habits and vehicle health.

TELUS Fleet Solution from Intact Insurance

Vehicle insurance can get expensive, especially for a sizeable fleet.

Keep your insurance premiums in check by avoiding steep acceleration, slamming on the brakes, and speeding.

These practises also improve fuel economy.

Why use TELUS Fleet Complete to monitor employees and assets?

There are lots of persuasive reasons to use TELUS Fleet Complete to manage business operations.

Some benefits are:

  • Efficiency and convenience
  • Vehicle longevity
  • Quality of service

Efficiency and Convenience

The services of TELUS Fleet Complete offer business owners both efficiency and convenience.

Being able to see all vehicle locations allows you to be able to send the nearest vehicle to a required job site.

This makes the customer happy and saves you money on fuel and vehicle wear and tear.

Vehicle Longevity

Using the maintenance module included with TELUS Fleet Complete is a perfect way to keep up with regular vehicle maintenance.

Routine maintenance is necessary for keeping any vehicle performing at an optimal level, and to help retain its value.

TELUS Fleet Complete will sound out alerts when maintenance is required.

Quality of Service

Your company’s quality of service will improve as operations become more efficient.

Quality of service leads to customer satisfaction, which is the name of the game when it comes to client retention.