If you have a lot of company vehicles, or other valuable assets that you need to keep a daily line on, the TELUS Fleet Complete package offered at PCI Wireless could be the all-in-one solution you are looking for.

PCI Wireless is an authorized TELUS dealer, serving the Toronto and Scarborough area, as well as the rest of the GTA.

What can TELUS Fleet Tracker do for your business?

There are a variety of functions and services the TELUS Fleet Complete package can provide, to help make your daily business operations more efficient and extensive.

Some of the most advantageous functions, include:

  • Optimal control over mobile operations
  • Ensure drivers and workers are following best practices and operating efficiently as possible
  • Up to date, real-time locations and status of all vehicles and assets
    • Helps with theft prevention and unauthorized vehicle use
  • Streamline maintenance and expenses
    • Records lengths of stops and starts
    • Records travel speed – to avoid vehicle wear and tear and traffic violations
    • Updates any required maintenance or vehicular problems
    • Monitors fuel usage
  • Detailed reports and insights into any specified vehicle and the driver operating it

How does TELUS Fleet Tracker work?

A wireless GPS device, with a long-lasting battery, is placed on any vehicle or asset you wish to keep track of. This can be a huge help for following and locating vehicles that move from jobsite to jobsiteregularly, or are situated in remote locations for extended periods of time.

Tracking devices are small and easy to manage, sending location and status data to be stored in the cloud for simple and secure access.

You can pre-set your tracking device to send information to cloud storage as frequently as you wish. You can view all your assets on a map, to ensure all locations are correct and everything is in proper order.

In the event that unauthorized activity does occur with any of your assets, you will be sent instant alerts and notifications informing you of any unapproved movements.

What kind of Assets can be Tracked with TELUS Fleet Complete?

It is basically up to you to decide what assets that are integral to your business could benefit from being tracked in real time.

Some examples of assets that are typically tracked with TELUS Fleet Complete are:

  • Construction equipment
    • Great way to track things like cranes, bobcats, backhoes, and dump trucks that tend to move around the jobsite regularly
  • Transportation equipment
    • Good for shipping containers or trailers that may be stationary for periods and need to be tracked for climate control or other specifications
  • Tools
    • You can even track any tools that tend to go missing from jobsites if not monitored
      • Power tools, toolboxes, etc.
    • Mobile offices
      • Temporary locations for office sites can also be tracked
    • Stationary service assets
      • Fleet tracker can also be useful for tracking equipment that is rarely moved but still needs to be monitored
        • Generators, compressors, pumps, etc.
      • EMS equipment
        • Emergency Medical Services equipment

How can TELUS Fleet Complete help lower Costs and Expenses?

There are many unnecessary actions and occurrences that can affect your bottom line on a daily basis. Some of these are things that you may have not even considered to be problematic, raising your monthly expenses.

TELUS Fleet Complete can help cut costs by:

  • Tracking idle time
    • Needless idling burns extra fuel
  • Fuel usage and vehicle speed
    • Travelling at speeds of over 100 km per hour can greatly increase fuel consumption, not to mention risk of speeding ticket
  • Schedule vehicle maintenance
    • Regularly scheduled maintenance helps prolong vehicle life and performance
      • Get notified of any required maintenance
    • Real time location
      • Great for keeping tabs on all assets
      • Also useful for knowing the best vehicle to send for new job orders
    • Monitoring performance
      • Prevents drivers from taking inefficient routes or unauthorized extended breaks