When you have multiple company vehicles to attend to and oversee, TELUS Fleet Complete with GPS tracking can be an invaluable tool to save you money and protect your assets. The benefits of GPS tracking apply to more than just vehicles, as tracking devices can be paced on all your valuable assets to prevent loss and theft, and to keep a close eye on the status of those items.

How does GPS Fleet Management help your business?

There is an assortment of extremely helpful features and services that ease the stress of managing a fleet of expensive vehicles, that help provide better organization for not only vehicle tracking, but also for route optimization, and routine vehicle maintenance.

Some of the impressive features to take advantage of, include:

  • Keep a close on expenses to cut unnecessary costs
  • Monitor poor driving habits, which can be exceptionally costly
    • Speeding is a huge fuel waster
    • Excessive idling also pointlessly increases fuel consumption
    • Quick acceleration wastes fuel and is not good for the engine
    • Abrupt stops are dangerous and hard on the brakes
    • Sharp, fast turns cause uneven wear on the tires
  • Ensure drivers are taking optimal routes to meet deadlines and improve efficiency
  • Keep an eye on status of vehicles at all times to avoid expensive repairs

By overseeing all vehicle and driver operations you can eliminate needless expenses, which can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Plus, it helps enhance safety for every driver and vehicle.

Fleet Tracker Uses GPS to Continually Monitor Assets

The system works by placing a wireless GPS tracking device on your vehicles and assets. The devices are equipped with an incredibly long lasting battery for excellent longevity and performance. This makes it easy to oversee vehicles in transit, on deliveries, or are out on remote jobs. Conveniently small and simple to manage, the devices upload relevant data to the cloud for access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Settings are available to indicate how often you wish to receive updates to ensure everything is in working order. There is also a map function to get a good geographical view of where all your assets and vehicles are located at any given time. One very useful setting, is to receive immediate alerts or notifications regarding any unauthorized use of movement of these assets.

Useful Applications for Fleet and Asset Tracking

The GPS tracking system is effective for basically any vehicle or item of value that youwant to keep close tabs on. Some general applications for Fleet Complete GPS tracking, include:

  • Vehicles
  • Containers and shipments
  • Tools
  • Heavy equipment


The most obvious application for the Fleet Complete Tracker is to ensure all your vehicles are safe and accounted for. This not only helps make sure vehicles are operating as they are supposed to, but also contributes to preserving vehicle value, extending longevity, and optimizing performance.

Containers and Shipments

If you are making substantial shipments in large containers, it can be helpful to track them with a GPS device. In many cases, containers are sitting in various locations for extended periods on time and a tracking device can let you as soon as they are on the move. Work trailers can also be tracked, as they are generally stationary but sometimes need to be moved to a new location.


Tools are an expensive investment and essential to a wide range of business operations. To prevent loss and theft of valuable tools, they can be locked away in a box or container fitted with a GPS device.

This can also include things like generators, pumps, and compressors which may need to be moved from jobsite to jobsite.

Heavy Equipment

This can include heavy duty vehicles or machinery that may be used for construction, manufacturing, or applications of that nature. Heavy equipment like cranes, backhoes, bobcats, and dump trucks can be easily monitored to make sure they are not being used without permission or for unauthorized tasks.

Cost Saving Benefits of GPS Tracking

Fleet Complete technology can provide exceptional cost saving benefits for your business. It helps eliminate problematic behavior of drivers and employees, while keeping vehicles safe and well maintained.

Some cost cutting applications include:

  • Correcting poor driving habits and ineffective routes
  • Substantially reducing fuel consumption and costs with vehicle monitoring
  • Ensuring vehicles get regularly scheduled maintenance to avoid break downs and costly repairs
  • Prevent loss and theft of valuable assets

Better organization and communication to streamline operations and improve customer service