Many tech experts and business professionals are turning to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10+ for the feature rich and user-friendly experience. Reports released by a variety of industry experts are indicating why so many people are leaning towards on the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones as a trusted device for business practices and operations.

One of the biggest boosts these Samsung devices have received for business purposes is the deep integration that has been introduced with Microsoft, offering up a host of excellent productivity apps for a range of assignments and projects. Everyday tasks like content creation, spreadsheets, presentations, and email management can now be centralized and easily managed with a mobile device.

Best Business Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 10+

There are many incredibly useful features and functions of the Samsung Note 10 that make it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs, business professionals, managers, owners, and workers.

A few of the most impressive business features of the Galaxy10 & 10+, include:

  • DeX for PC
  • Link to Windows
  • S Pen
  • Enhanced security
  • Battery Life

DeX for PC

Samsung DeX is a very powerful business platform that not only converts your smartphone into a computer, it now works with your computer for the ultimate user experience. DeX allows users to access smartphone apps from a PC, including the ability to check and reply to text messages, send and receive calls, and transfer large files. The ability to multi-task between devices has never been easier or more extensive.

One immensely practical business application is saving a presentation file on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and then connecting it to the monitor in the meeting room to be controlled through your phone. Plus, the capacity to operate two screens at once opens up a multitude of possibilities and opportunities.

Link to Windows

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 devices can seamlessly link to your windows 10 PC with the Your Phone app. There is no need to install any other software to create a mirror effect between your smartphone and PC. This allows access to mobile apps through your PC, and you can use your PC’s mouse and keyboard for better efficiency and productivity on your smartphone. You can even connect a wireless mouse and keyboard through your PC for greater mobility with higher function.

For the DeX function, connection requires a cable, but Link to Windows allows file transfer, sending and receiving text messages, screen mirroring, and notification alerts over a WiFi connection.

S Pen

The S Pen capability may be the single most impressive feature the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ have to offer. This classic and powerful feature of the Galaxy Note has been around since the inception of the device, and it is only getting better. The S Pen is excellent for creativity and practical functionality. The S Pen can be used to control your smartphone remotely, making it ideal for presentation and camera purposes.

The Samsung Galaxy S Pen has also introduced 6 new air actions for enhanced productivity. These actions include:

  • Remote swiping
  • Annotation capability on documents, images, adjust videos
  • Adjust volume remotely
  • Remote camera zooming
  • Increased notetaking capability – can even take notes on locked home screen that get saved when pen is inserted back into the phone
  • S Pen is becoming compatible with an increasing number of apps

Enhanced Security

The Note 10 and 10+ are among the most secure mobile devices on the market due to the Samsung Knox security system. It offers immediate and lasting protection as all data stored on the device is automatically encrypted. Samsung Knox security is built right into the smartphone’s hardware and software, providing multi-layer protection for all your important and sensitive data.

You have multiple access options with Samsung Knox, with the ability to protect your phone with fingerprint or face recognition, PIN, pattern, or password.

Battery Life

Both Samsung Galaxy Note devices have an improved battery life, and especially the Note 10+. It offers fast wireless charging and an incredibly long lasting battery, so you never have to worry about downtime or being disconnected. You will be able to use the device all day with no concern about running out of battery at an inopportune moment, or lost productivity.