VoIP phone systems can help improve your business communications in a variety of ways to provide better focus on customer needs, while reducing expenses in the process.

You may be a bit skeptical to believe that an upgraded telecommunication system can also result in lower implementation and operating costs. However, that is exactly VoIP technology can offer your business.

How do VoIP business phone systems differ from traditional phone systems?

Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN), are the conventional circuit-switch phone networks which have been in operation since the late 1800s. PSTN phone systems work using analog technology, requiring much more bulky and expensive hardware, and higher operating costs to manage.

VoIP phone systems employ the use of digital technology, to convert voice calls to digital data packets to be streamed over the internet. These considerable advancements in technology offer much greater functionality with a reduced burden on your company infrastructure.

Telecommunication Trends

The switch over to VoIP technology was slow going at the start, with most companies staying loyal to the communication technology that has served their industry for over a hundred years. It can be hard to break away from that kind of familiarity and longevity, even though it makes good financial sense.

However, in the last decade or so the migration towards VoIP phone systems has been steadily increasing. Businesses that want to stay competitive in the future can benefit immensely from VoIP technology.

5 Reasons So Many Businesses are Switching to VoIP

  • Global economy
  • SaaS
  • Communication management
  • Customer service
  • Cost

Global Economy

Operating in today’s global economy, it is crucial to be able to offer your services and support outside your small geographical area. VoIP technology allows your business to communicate on an international scale without incurring expensive long distance charges.

VoIP business phone systems are also very useful for remote workers and employees. Users can take advantage of VoIP technology from anywhere with an internet connection from virtually any communication device.

VoIP is also incredibly scalable, making it easy to add new users as necessary. On a grand scale, a company can open a call centre in another time zone to provide 24 hour customer support, while providing communication through one VoIP network.


Another growing trend in 2020 and beyond is the use of Software as a Service (SaaS), for an array of business operations. SaaS helps improve operational efficiency by using third-party hosted software to streamline processes and manage workflows.

VoIP phone systems are actually an example of Software as a Service, and can combine with an assortment of other SaaS products to boost productivity and provide better, more personalized service to your customers.

Communication Management

Having one unified platform to manage all your telecommunication processes can also be a huge help in maximizing efficiency. PSTN phone systems are very difficult to integrate with other operational systems throughout your business. VoIP technology on the other hand, is very easy to incorporate, making it possible to route voicemails to your email service for more efficient handling and monitoring.

Customer Service

Being constantly available to your customers with easy access goes a long way in building strong and lasting client relations. VoIP phone systems can be configured to forward calls to any device so important calls never go unanswered.

VoIP services like TELUS Business Connect provide companies with a toll-free number to encourage customers to reach out without having to worry about additional fees.


The biggest reason most companies are switching to VoIP technology is the reduction in costs compared to traditional phone systems. Business are reporting huge cost savings, like:

  • Up to 90% on international calls
  • 75% reduction in operating costs
  • 30-40% on monthly phone bills

Plus, there is the reduced hardware and maintenance costs. Instead of providing every employee with a desk phone and dedicated phone line, VoIP systems only require a headset and internet connection once the VoIP software has been installed.

TELUS Business Connect

TELUS offers a hosted VoIP Business Connect service, providing an all-in-one telecommunications solution. Some of the outstanding features of this service, include:

  • One dedicated business number can be used for multiple locations
  • Toll-free number
  • Integrated mobile app
  • Customized greetings
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Call forwarding
  • Portal hub for efficient communication management
  • Excellent customer support