Samsung introduces its new flagship lineup, the Galaxy S20 series, that offers top of the line functionality, connectivity, and security. New AI technology and 5G compatibility make these S20 devices the building blocks for the next era of wireless communication, changing the way companies do business.

What is a flagship product or series?

Flagship products are meant to represent the greatest offerings a company or manufacturer has produced to date. Using the example of Samsung, the S20 collection embodies the future of smartphone capability and is the best lineup of devices that Samsung has released up to this point.

The Galaxy S20 lineup is truly a flagship series as these smartphones are genuinely important to the industry and designed for the direction it is moving towards the future.

TELUS Smartphones

TELUS dealers across the country have all the newest and best products and services available for business professionals, company owners, and entrepreneurs looking to gain an edge over the competition. As smartphone technology continues to advance, so do the features and functionality that make these devices indispensable to daily business operations.

Some of the best TELUS smartphones available include the latest releases from Samsung:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

What sets this flagship series of smartphones apart from the competition?

Business Features of Samsung Galaxy S20 Collection

There are all kinds of exceptional perks and components that make these devices so impressive.

Three of the most innovative features of these TELUS smartphones may include:

  • 5G compatibility
  • AI technology
  • Knox Security

5G Compatibility

With all the hype surrounding the next generation of wireless communication technology, it seems the time has finally arrived to put it into action. If you want to be among the first in Canada to experience what the 5G network has to offer, you will need a compatible device to access it.

5G Devices

5G networks operate on an entirely different frequency, so to access them you will need a smartphone equipped with a 5G modem. As the situation in Canada currently stands, the only phones capable of accessing the 5G network are the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. That will change as more 5G networks become available from different providers, but when you purchase a Samsung S20 device you can rest easy knowing it will be a smart choice for future communication.

  • Samsung S20 5G – Basic 5G network compatibility (low-band networks)
  • Samsung S20+ 5G – Full 5G network compatibility (low-band and high-band networks)
  • Samsung S20 Ultra 5G – Full 5G network compatibility (low-band and high-band networks)

AI Technology

Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones have implemented AI technology to enhance user experience and performance. All three S20 models are designed with a powerful and dynamic AI processing capability, which quickly learns exactly how you use your phone and automatically adjusts accordingly. This includes things like power settings and app usage to maximize battery life, providing users with all day uninterrupted performance.

Another area where AI technology has been introduced into S20 devices is in the professional grade cameras. Top of the line innovative camera architecture integrates AI engineering with the largest image sensor available yet on a Samsung mobile device to deliver breathtaking photos and images. Professional photographers and videographers are using S20 devices for their craft due to the high quality results.

Knox Security

Knox, which is currently the industry leader when it comes to mobile security, is designed to provide complete and thorough protection for your device from the bottom right up to the top. Beginning at the chip level, security measures are implemented right on through to the operating system and software. The secure processor is equipped to handle everything from hardware based attacks to malware and adware. All three Galaxy S20 models are fitted with Knox security.

Knox security features include:

  • Hardware based security
  • Custom configuration
  • Cloud based management
  • Advanced biometrics
  • Data separation
  • Enterprise grade security for business protection

Ensure all your sensitive data and important files are secure with Knox security on the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra.