Whenever the summer season comes, many of us will be thinking about vacation. Whether it is with family or with friends, we will always want a trip to be a fun and relaxing time of the year. However, will all of that be worth it when you arrive at your home and find that you were robbed? 

Tips To Prevent Break-Ins

Changing your vacation plan to protect your home this summer can be disappointing, a waste of resources, both money and time. According to statistics, there is a 32% increase in the likelihood of a break-in during the summer. Yikes! But with the use of the helpful tips below, you can prevent that from happening.

An Empty Home Is A Perfect Opportunity For Burglars

Obviously, a home that is known to be idle for several days is very tempting for hungry burglars. The only thing that keeps them at bay is a good security system. The larger the house and the more valuable items you have, the better the security system you need to protect them when you’re away. 

A smart lock and a smart door system can be smart solutions because they can make devices like lock pins obsolete. If you assign someone to clean your house or feed your dog while you are away, simply give them a temporary code. You can change the code once you are back from your vacation so they will no longer have access to your house.

Introduce A “Ghost” In Your House

What does having a ghost in the house mean? Of course, we are not talking about an actual ghost here. It is just a façade or deception in order to fend off potential burglars. And how do you accomplish that? It is through the use of the TELUS security system. 

Using the app for TELUS Home Security System, you can program a routine in which you run electronic devices automatically. This can be made in order to create an illusion that there is an activity inside your home even if you are not there.

So, if you want to create such a routine in order to fool burglars and make them think that you are at home, you can have a program something with the following:

  • Smart lights will light up at night time
  • Radio or Smart TV will play in the background in the day interchangeably and turn off during your sleeping period.
  • Bedroom lights will light up when it gets dark. 
  • Voice recognition devices like Alexa can play your recorded simulated conversations or laughter in the background.
  • If you are still skeptical of your program, you can observe them using the monitoring cameras and make some adjustments remotely. 

“Got You!”

A smart security system can prevent the horrors of being robbed unknowingly. With surveillance cameras, hazard detectors, and activity sensors interconnected as essential parts of the system, it seems as if you have multiple eyes and ears even from hundreds of miles away. The user-friendly app can let you monitor your home anytime you want and at all possible angles. 

You don’t need many things to keep your home safe! With only several cleverly-positioned sensors and cameras, you should be good to go and rest easy during your vacation. In case you want to monitor what is happening around your house, just grab your phone and check out the app.

Availing Discounts While Having The Best Security Possible

Insurance companies encourage homeowners to install security systems as much as possible to prevent break-ins. As an extra incentive, they provide incentives such as a 20% discount on the annual premium for such systems. That is a significant saving that you can use towards your trip plans. 


After all that is being said, investing in TELUS Smart Home Security is no doubt a great idea. With the reliable products and options they offer for Personal, TELUS EPP and Business customers, you’ll surely be getting an advantage in outwitting burglars and have a stress-free summer vacation. 

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