Being easily accessible and readily available for your existing clients as well as new potential customers is critical for ongoing success and establishing consumer loyalty. Servicing customers effectively and efficiently starts with good communication. TELUS Business Connect is a comprehensive solution for managing and consolidating all your business communication needs.

How does TELUS Business Connect work to enhance communication?

One intuitive and well-organized platform ensures that you never miss any important calls and are always ready to accommodate customer concerns, questions, and demands. Versatile and practical, Business Connect makes it simple to organize all your incoming requests to maximize productivity and customer satisfaction.

VoIP Technology

TELUS Business connect phone systems employ the use of VoIP technology which offers numerous benefits for business communications. Some of the advantages VoIP phone systems have over traditional structures are:

  • Lower cost of operation
  • Enhances accessibility
  • Easy scalability
  • Versatile solution for businesses of all sizes
  • Exceptional voice quality
  • Better security
  • Multi-tasking capability
  • Cheaper and easier to maintain hardware

Looking at the long list of benefits it easy to see why many businesses are making the switch VoIP technology with TELUS Business Connect.

Useful Features and Services of TELUS Business Connect

There is a multitude of excellent features and functions that make TELUS Business Connect such a wise and practical choice. Some of these features include:

  • Virtual Meetings and collaboration
  • Custom greetings to facilitate call routing
  • Free and easy access
  • Paper-free workplace
  • Exceptional organization

Virtual Meetings and Collaboration

With remote work at all time high and accessible transit at an all time low, the need for an effective platform for virtual meetings is greater than ever. Audio and video conference calling allow you to conveniently host and participate in business meetings from any location. This is also a very useful feature for team collaboration on group projects which may have some participants working remotely.

Custom Greetings to Facilitate Easy Call Routing

Providing a friendly welcome for customers and clients trying to reach your business is beneficial for enhancing customer relations. It also helps streamline and automate the call routing function to get the caller quickly in contact with the individual or department they are looking to speak to. Providing easy to follow instructions in your call directory can help reduce confusion, frustration, and long wait times.

Call routing can also be used to forward your calls on to a device of your choosing for uninterrupted availability.

Free and Easy Access

TELUS Business Connect users are supplied with a toll free number for your business to provide a consistent call number that all of your customers can easily access free of charge.

Paper-Free Workplace

A lot of businesses are making a conscious effort to create a paper-free workplace to reduce pollution and environmental impact. TELUS Business Connect also comes with an IP Fax number to conveniently send and receive digital files rather than hard copy paper documents. This helps reduce paper waste and frees up extra storage space for other office items.

Exceptional Organization

The key to any effective system or process is good organization. One of the greatest benefits of TELUS Business Connect is the ability to merge all business communication functionality into one user-friendly platform.

The portal hub system makes it easy to manage all calls, configure your preferences, and streamline communications from a centralized location. Improve productivity, organization, and customer satisfaction while reducing costs and stress with TELUS Business Connect.