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TELUS Scarborough – PCI Wireless

PCI Wireless is an authorized TELUS dealer, located at 1184 Kennedy Road, Scarborough. The main goal at PCI Wireless is to build long-lasting relationships with all of our customers. These ongoing relationships are established through reliable and dependable service, as well as offers of amazing products.

Come on in and visit TELUS Scarborough for repairs, renewals, and to check out all the latest products. PCI Wireless can handle all your TELUS needs. The fully trained and attentive staff can assist you with a variety of services.

Do you have an expired contract? Our staff can assist with contract renewals to ensure you get what you are looking in your new contract.

Are you having issues with your smartphone? We can help with damage assessment and repair.

Looking for a new smartphone, tablet, accessories, or mobile internet provider? TELUS Scarborough has you covered with a range of options and solutions.

TELUS Scarborough Products

There are an assortment of products and devices available through TELUS Scarborough PCI Wireless. Some of these products include:


You can find all the latest and greatest smartphones at TELUS Scarborough. Some examples of the devices available are:


There are also a variety of tablets offered at PCI Wireless, some of the options include:

  • Apple – iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini
  • Samsung – Galaxy Tab S2, Galaxy Tab E
  • Alcatel – POP LTE, A30
  • LG – G Pad IV


There are also a number of technological accessories available through TELUS, to help you stay connected. Some examples of possible accessories are:

  • Headphones and speakers
  • Cases and screen protectors
  • Chargers
  • Health and fitness tracking devices

As you can see, there is a wide array of products and devices offered at TELUS Scarborough. There are also plenty of services to help manage those devices, and to provide support for any issues that may be experienced.

TELUS Scarborough Services

A comprehensive collection of services is available through TELUS Scarborough to take care of your dynamic and unique mobile needs.

Some of these services are:

  • Mobile high-speed internet
  • Fleet Complete – Fleet tracker, Asset tracker, Resource tracker
  • Drive +
  • Business Connect
  • Premium and premium plus plans

Mobile High-Speed Internet

Stay connected wherever you go through TELUS’ high speed mobile internet solutions. The TELUS Smart Hub is available to help you set up a temporary or satellite office wherever you need to be.

For example, if you are setting up a kiosk at local mall and want to have your own internet connection, the TELUS Smart Hub is a perfect solution. This way you don’t have to rely on someone else’s tenuous connection, with no way to control your phone and internet costs.

The TELUS Smart Hub is also ideal for connecting numerous people remotely, to collaborate on a project or ideas.

Fleet Complete

This service gives you the power to track vehicles, assets, and workers in real time. It provides you with an accurate reading of where your vehicles, equipment, or mobile employers are at any given time.

This can help prevent unauthorized use of equipment, under-the-table work, or extended employee breaks or personal errands.

On a positive note, TELUS Fleet Complete can help improve your business output by streamlining productivity. Also improve customer service with quicker response times.

Fleet Complete can help lower your business costs and expenses, while at the same time enhancing production and efficiency.

Drive +

TELUS Drive + is a great way to keep connected while you are driving. Drive + basically turns your vehicle into a WiFi hotspot that handle the connection of up to 5 different devices.

TELUS Drive + has two necessary parts:

  1. Device – your TELUS Drive + device will connect straight to your vehicle
  2. Application – the TELUS Drive + app collects the useful information from your device, like location and driving habits. Alerts will be provided to help you avoid any problems.

Business Connect

TELUS Business Connect is an ideal service to help ensure you never miss an important call. Phones can be accessed from pretty much anywhere, on any of your devices. It allows quicker connection and communication while traveling, which makes it appear that you are in the local area.

Premium and Premium Plus Plans

With a selection of plans available through TELUS Scarborough PCI Wireless, you will be able to customize your plan based on your device and data needs. As many as 4 devices can be added to your chosen plan for data sharing.