TELUS Toronto – PCI Wireless

As an authorized TELUS dealer, PCI Wireless aims to provide exceptional service and support to TELUS Toronto customers. We are located at 1184 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, and can assist with purchases, repairs, and renewals.

Whether you are looking to get a broken smartphone repaired, renew a contract, or buy a new smartphone or TELUS device, PCI Wireless is an ideal solution.

The fully trained and courteous staff at TELUS Store Toronto PCI Wireless can provide support for all your TELUS devices, and share knowledge about the newest advanced technologies and devices.

TELUS Toronto Services

A broad range of services is offered to help you manage your personal or business TELUS devices. Some of the services offered by PCI Wireless are:

Mobile High-Speed Internet

One of the most impressive and useful services TELUS Store Toronto has to offer, is its Mobile High-Speed Internet. With the TELUS Smart Hub, you can count on a stable and reliable internet connection anywhere you go.

The TELUS Smart Hub allows quick and easy set-ups for temporary or satellite offices. For example, let’s say it is important for your business to set up in various locations, to spread the word about your products or services. The TELUS Smart Hub makes it simple to set up a display or kiosk in a mall with fully functioning internet.

This helps avoid the stress that goes with relying on someone else’s connection for your business. You can control your costs and guarantee a dependable connection.

Another advantage of TELUS mobile high-speed internet is that it provides the capability for many people, in different locations, to collaborate on a project remotely.


TELUS Business Connect

This service helps make it easier to make sure you are connected to your business at all times. TELUS business connect ensures you never miss an important call. You can access your phones from any region or area, with any of your TELUS devices. It allows better connection and communication with overseas customers. It has a system to streamline and centralize your voicemail, routing it to your email or a centralized phone system.

Other features of TELUS Business Connect are:

  • Phone conferencing (audio and visual)
  • Call routing
  • Customized greetings
  • Set up toll-free numbers for long distance customers

TELUS Fleet Complete

The Fleet Complete service is an excellent tool for managing the vehicles, assets, employees, and resources of your business.

Fleet Complete is an extensive and scalable GPS tracking solution for workforce management.

The Fleet Complete service is a comprehensive package that includes fleet tracking and asset tracking.

TELUS Fleet Tracking

This service is used to track company vehicles and their drivers in real time. This is an excellent way to cut out unnecessary expenses and increase efficiency.

Get to know the habits of your drivers, information is collected on things like:

  • Driving speed
  • Direction
  • Turning
  • Braking

Quick acceleration, high speeds, and excessive idling can damage a vehicle. Cut down on expenses, and dissuade employees from taking extended breaks and personal excursions with the Fleet Tracker.

TELUS Asset Tracker

This service is similar to the fleet tracker, but it is used for tracking any of your business’s assets. Know where your assets are at all times with the Asset Tracker.

For example, it is a great option for tracking shipping containers, which are sometimes mobile and sometimes not. If anyone tries to meddle or interfere with your equipment you will receive an alert telling you so.

TELUS Drive +

TELUS Drive + helps you keep connected to your business, no matter you are on the road. It functions on two major components:

  • TELUS Drive + device – this gets connected to your vehicle directly
  • TELUS Drive + app – this application is used for collecting data like location and driving habits

TELUS Drive + acts a WiFi hotspot for your vehicle, allow you to connect as many as 5 devices.

Premium and Premium Plus Plans

An assortment of plans is offered by TELUS Toronto, to allow you to choose a personalized plan that is compatible with your device and serves all of your data needs.

TELUS Toronto Products

A generous assortment of products and devices are available for TELUS Store Toronto customers through PCI wireless. You can choose from a number of different manufacturers, such as:

With over 20 years experience, TELUS Toronto as a partner of PCI Wireless, has been working to maintain good customer relations through customer feedback and providing outstanding customer support.