Whether your business has just a couple company vehicles or a fleet a thousand strong, there is a multitude of advantages to using GPS tracking for security, performance, and cost reduction. Significant advancements in GPS tracking technology makes it extremely intuitive and feature-rich. It provides real time visibility for all your vehicles and other valuable assets to improve operational efficiency while reducing theft, loss, and damage.
TELUS Fleet Management
One of the most comprehensive and versatile GPS tracking platforms out there can be found with TELUS Fleet Complete. It delivers a total vehicle management solution to keep a close eye on your assets, optimize safety, and eradicate dangerous and costly driving habits.
Top 5 Advantages of TELUS GPS Vehicle Tracking
Many business owners are shocked by how quickly the benefits of installing GPS vehicle tracking devices can be recognized.
The top 5 benefits of TELUS GPS trackers are:
• Reduced operational costs
• Improved safety and security
• Better organizational efficiency
• Easier maintenance
• Improved customer service
Reduced Operational Costs
One of the biggest expenses associated with vehicle operation is fuel costs. Obviously, fuel is needed for vehicles to run, but it is estimated that poor driving habits can raise fuel expenses by more than 30%. That is a considerable number, especially if you have a large fleet of vehicles to maintain.
Poor driving habits that result in inflated fuel costs include:
• Speeding
• Aggressive or dangerous driving
• Idling
• Inefficient route selection
Driving over the speed limit is discouraged for several reasons. For one, the faster you go the greater the rate at which you are burning fuel to arrive at the same destination. Even going 20km over the speed limit is a huge waste of fuel. Also, speeding increases the risk of getting in an accident and getting an expensive speeding ticket.
Aggressive and Dangerous Driving
While speeding is considered an aspect of aggressive driving, there are other unsatisfactory driving behaviors that also increase risk and expense. Rapid acceleration and abrupt stops are hard on your gas bill as well as the components of the vehicle. Stepping heavily on the gas pedal and then jamming on the breaks in stop-and-go traffic is not going to get you to your destination any quicker. Aggressive cornering puts additional and uneven wear on the tires and increases the risk of spinning out.
Excessive idling is another serious waste of fuel, especially if the driver knows they will be stationary for any length of time. TELUS Fleet Tracker can be used to send alerts to drivers to shut down the engine after a pre-determined amount of idle time passes.
Inefficient Route Selection
Taking routes with heavy traffic, construction, or other obstacles can be avoided with GPS route optimization. Dispatchers and drivers can stay in constant contact to make sure that estimates are fulfilled and deadlines are met.
Improved Safety and Security
TELUS Fleet Management systems are an ideal way to enhance safety for your vehicles as well as your drivers. Knowing where all vehicles are located in real time helps avoid theft and loss, and ensures quick emergency response in the case of an accident.
Eliminating bad driving habits and holding drivers more accountable for their actions reduces the risk of collision, injury, and costly repairs.
Better Organizational Efficiency
More efficient communication capabilities help to improve organization and productivity. GPS tracking allows dispatch to see where each company vehicle is located, and which drivers are available for upcoming tasks.
It is reported that vehicles fitted with GPS tracking systems generally fit in more tasks, jobs, or deliveries per day than those the do not. The ability to monitor vehicles and drivers also cuts down on prolonged breaks, going off route, and employees attending to personal business on company time.
Easier Maintenance
Every vehicle requires routine maintenance to help sustain its quality, performance, and value. TELUS GPS trackers can send notifications when it is time for regularly scheduled maintenance to reduce unnecessary repairs and premature replacements.
Improved Customer Service
Real time monitoring helps to provide customers and clients with realistic estimates of job completion or delivery times. It also helps ensure the most efficient processes are being carried out to get the job done. Customers can be immediately updated should any unforeseen complications arise.