Effective ways to protect the valuable assets and sensitive data associated with your business can help bring peace of mind to your daily operations. Business alarm systems, remote surveillance, and security cameras can offer comprehensive protection to prevent loss, theft, and damage to your property. TELUS Secure Business offers a variety of options to ensure your business is getting the protection it needs to thrive.

Business Security System Top FAQs

  1. How do business alarm systems work?

Business alarm systems provide your facility with 24/7 protection and remote monitoring, real-time video surveillance, guard response, and instant notifications regarding any unauthorized activity.

  1. How does remote monitoring work?

When you sign up for a TELUS Secure Business plan, you will be able to easily manage the features of your security service by downloading the TELUS app to your mobile device. Some of the remote functionality that this service allows includes:

  • Remote access to locks and sensors
  • Remote monitoring to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas
  • Remotely adjust lights and thermostat for energy savings
  • Remote security camera access and management
  • Receive alarms and alerts directly to your smartphone
  • Remote visibility into the status of your facility

This is extremely practical for business owners on the go and also to reduce energy usage for cost savings and environmental responsibility.

  1. Can business security systems cover multiple locations?

Business alarm systems are scalable to incorporate your various office locations. It has never been easier to remotely manage and monitor multiple locations at once from one screen with the versatile mobile security app.

  1. What is real-time video surveillance?

Business security cameras offer HD video surveillance footage to keep a close eye on the comings and goings in your establishment. Video surveillance can be streamed live or recorded and easily managed from a remote location.

  1. What are Smart Savings?

One of the impressive features of a business security system is the ability to automate your facility functions and settings to enjoy smart cost savings. The option to configure intelligent automation and reporting provides useful insights into how your sensors and cameras are being used for optimal protection. It also helps regulate temperature and energy usage by focusing on peak business hours to help you save time and money.

  1. What is the initial cost for the security equipment?

When signing up for a TELUS Secure Business plan you can take advantage of up to $1900 off on equipment and professional installation.

  1. Can I customize my business security system?

There are numerous opportunities to tailor your business security features to your specific needs and preferences. Security options are scalable to accommodate more complex functionality and larger commercial business locations. For example, high risk commercial businesses that deal in expensive goods can have a customized setup to provide the highest available standard for security camera installation and monitoring.

  1. What are the basic requirements for a business security system?

Minimal requirements for TELUS Business Security is a wireless internet connection with at least 2.5 mbps and a mobile device for remote management. From there, plans are flexible and adaptable.

  1. What kind of support is provided for business security?

TELUS Secure Business plans offer users 24/7 monitoring and support. You can also get installation assistance from a team of certified professionals to ensure your business security system is providing maximum safety and protection.