Businesses with multiple company vehicles can benefit enormously from the very helpful tracking and organization benefits of fleet management. The results are indisputable, as research data shows that businesses that have implemented a GPS fleet tracking system show substantial cost savings, a considerable boost in productivity, and enhanced safety for vehicles, equipment, and employees.

Cost savings come in many forms, such as improved fuel economy, reduced repair costs, decreased labor expenses, and a general reduction in wasted employee hours. Boosted productivity comes from improved worker supervision and monitoring, and optimized travel routes. Enhanced safety is another huge benefit, as vehicles and other assets are more secure against loss and theft, and monitored driving habits helps cut down on dangerous and unproductive driving habits.

Business Advantages to Using GPS Tracking for Fleet Management

There are all kinds of exceptional and measurable benefits to implementing GPS tracking for your fleet of vehicles and assets.

Some of the most impressive business advantages, include:

  • Greater control over your fleet
  • Eliminating poor driving habits
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Expedited paperwork and reporting
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced theft and loss
  • Enhanced safety
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums
  • Cost savings

Greater Control over your Fleet

Do you know where all of your company vehicles are currently located? How about the status of each vehicle, including the speed it is traveling at, and whether it needs maintenance?

The features of GPS fleet tracking are incredibly detailed and useful. You can easily check on the exact location of any vehicle, who is driving it, and the route they are traveling. It also monitors the driver’s habits and actions to correct hazardous and costly driving behaviors.

Eliminating Poor Driving Habits

It may come as a shock to many business owners and managers that the driving habits of your employees may be costing you a fortune. There are several common bad driving habits that increase wear and tear on vehicles, and also significantly increase the expense needed to keep them running.

Some common harmful driving habits, include:

  • Speeding – colossal fuel waster
  • Swift acceleration – also harsh on gas mileage and hard on the engine
  • Abrupt stops – causes excessive wear on brakes and increases the risk of accident
  • Excessive idling – another fuel eater and bad for engine components
  • Sharp turning – causes uneven wear on tires and is hard on the suspension

These are just a few examples of terrible driving habits that cost you money and damage your vehicles, resulting in hefty repair costs and a massive increase in expenses.

Improved Fuel Economy

By correcting poor driver habits, you will notice a considerable improvement in fuel economy. GPS tracking takes all the guesswork out of it, so you know exactly where adjustments are needed. It also helps to ensure drivers are always taking the most efficient route, which also saves fuel.

Vehicle Maintenance

GPS fleet tracking provides detailed reports on vehicle condition and status so you will know precisely when it is time for routine maintenance. Regular, properly timed maintenance cuts down on overall expenses, while enhancing the performance and life of your vehicles.


The system records all employee hours and expenses, so paperwork is much quicker and electronically stored. The system also helps improve communication between dispatch, employees, and managers to cut down on any billing discrepancies. Electronic reports are also available for ease of ELD compliance when crossing the US border.

Improved Efficiency

The GPS tracking system helps improve just about every aspect of business operations when it comes to effectively managing vehicles, deliveries, shipments, and remote jobs. Optimal routing, monitored driving and vehicle status, and better communication all contribute improved efficiency.

Reduced Loss and Theft

Tracking devices allow you to know where your vehicles and other assets are at all times, to prevent loss and theft. Vehicles fitted with GPS tracking have a display sticker visible to deter potential thieves.

Enhanced Safety

Keeping a steady eye on your fleet means better safety for your vehicles and the people who drive them. Scheduled maintenance and responsible driving habits are huge safety benefit. If a driver does happen to get in an accident, the GPS details can help determine exactly what happened in case of insurance disputes.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Speaking of insurance, most insurance companies recognize the tremendous safety advantages of GPS tracking systems and offer considerable cost savings on monthly premiums just for having it installed.

Cost Savings

It is pretty clear to see how all of these amazing benefits add up to significant cost savings for your business when you implement GPS tracking systems.