As global reach continues to expand for a lot of businesses around the globe, finding an effective way to centralize connections and information exchange becomes increasingly important.

The internet has made the integration of communications into the digital workplace more attainable and streamlined, as long as you have a practical network and infrastructure in place.

An excellent way to achieve this unified integration is with TELUS Business Connect, through PCI Wireless.

PCI Wireless has over 20 years experience providing effective business solutions for the mobile workforce in Toronto, Scarborough, and the GTA. PCI Wireless has partnered with TELUS to become an authorized TELUS dealer.

What is TELUS Business Connect?

TELUS Business Connect uses the powerful reach of the internet to provide VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services that allow you to easily manage all your communications from wherever you may be.

This service is extremely beneficial to your employees as well as your clients.

How is it beneficial for employees?

Regardless of how many employees you may have, TELUS Business Connect can be an advantageous service for your company.

It can be very useful if you have multiple offices in various locations, so employees in each area can all remain on the same page.

It can be just as useful for a small business that has a few telecommuters that could benefit from staying connected to avoid missing important updates and shared information.

All employees can stay in the loop from any location, at any time, from virtually any device.

By integrating all these communication services into one user interface, it tends to increase productivity, lower expenses, and considerably reduce response time to clients.

How is it beneficial for clients?

You will have the ability to reach more potential customers and clients on a global scale. In addition to cutting down on the time customers have to wait for a response, employees will also be able to provide more realistic and accurate timelines for when tasks will be accomplished.

Quicker response times and precisely laid out expectations go a long way to improving client relations and customer service.

You will also have the option to set it up so that calls are rerouted to up to 4 different devices until the call is answered.

Plus, it has never been easier to arrange conference calls or meetings that can be in video or audio format.

How can TELUS Business Connect help unify your communications?

Attempting to consolidate a spread-out workforce can be tricky, especially when you need to consider distance, costs, and security.

TELUS Business Connect can help streamline communications by:

  • Providing a uniform set of tools for all employees
  • Minimizing costs for a dispersed workforce
  • Increasing collaboration
  • Discourage makeshift communication systems

Uniform Tools

When all employees have access to the same communication tools, it cuts down on confusion and promotes a more unified environment.

In many cases these days in office environments, there is a very fine line between personal life and professional life. A lot of people use the same devices for both aspects of their lives, which can become complicated and difficult to manage.

The VoIP tools offered through TELUS Business Connect make it easier to keep work life and home life separate.

Reduced Expenses

If employees are dispersed throughout numerous locations, it can become very costly to keep everyone on the same page.

TELUS Business Connect is great to solution to that problem.

A lot of times businesses are having to go through multiple service providers to keep employees connected at their various offices and locations.

Not to mention that employees may all be on different devices that may make collaboration difficult for group products.

Increased Collaboration

The systemic communication process that TELUS Business Connect offers, can help employees feel more united even if they are spread out across the globe.

Being able to see other employees logged on the system means a greater capacity for shared ideas and easy collaboration for group projects.

Makeshift Communication Systems

Sometimes in the absence or an organized system, people will come up with work arounds to achieve desired results. This can often do more harm than good, creating further confusion.

TELUS Business Connect offers an organized and efficient communication solution.