It’s almost obvious that you’ve spent a lot of money protecting your valuable physical assets. How about doing the same for identity and online transactions and giving it the much-needed attention that it deserves?

Yes, your identity and online transactions are valuable too, especially in this era where people are spending too much time on their devices, doing almost anything remotely. While internet usage has increased, most people are not aware that identity theft, cyber scams, and credit card fraud could be on the rise more than ever.

TELUS Online Security comes in handy in such situations by providing an all-in-one home security solution. This tool is tailored to make your online time more comfortable and easily accessible, allowing you to do online shopping, learn remotely, stream entertainment, and work remotely with ease and safety.

Safeguarding Various Devices 

One of the most significant elements during the pandemic is the digital devices. They have enabled people to shop online at their favourite e-commerce platforms, learn various things online, attend meetings and conferences as well as communicate with their friends and closest ones. 

Yes, this has been a great step towards a more convenient future. However, it also puts people at a high risk of being cornered by cyber criminals, especially when all these transactions may not be secured. Thankfully, you can eventually win over cybercrimes and do not have to live with a fear of them. 

TELUS Online Security’s tool safeguards your devices such as smartphones and laptops. You can go through the three plans offered by TELUS and choose the one that is best suited for you in terms of cost and convenience. Special offers are available for personal and TELUS EPP applications. 

Securing Your Private Information

When you engage in online transactions or browse through websites and social media platforms, there are chances that you will leave traces of your private information. Furthermore, public WIFI is unsafe because it exposes too much of your information to hackers who could engage in identity theft.

TELUS Online Security offers a virtual private network (VPN) that can safeguard all your online transactions and ensure that you browse anonymously. As a result, you can be sure that your sensitive information such as bank details, credit cards, and passwords can be kept private. You will also feel comfortable when you know that no one is prying on your online activities.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring is another essential tool from the service that searches the dark web for any information related to you. When you transact online activities without protection, your information can fall prey to identity theft. This information is sold by cybercriminals without your consent.

TELUS Online Security uses special software that accesses the dark web and checks if your financial information or any private data has been found on the dark web. It later notifies you and takes prompt action to prevent cybercriminals from using this information in any of their mischievous activities.

Personal Expense Reimbursement

Counterattacking identity theft can be costly and stall all your businesses. If you are a victim of this, TELUS has a personal expense reimbursement and coverage plan that caters to any costs involved in case of a breach.

Depending on the plan that you have chosen, TELUS will cover expert and lawyer fees. This cover ranges from $25,000 to $1,000,000. As part of the package, you will also benefit from having an identity restoration specialist assigned to any identity theft case you encounter. The expert will guide you through the restoration procedure alongside offering identity theft assistance.


You can never underestimate the essence of cybersecurity to reduce the effects of online threats. TELUS Online Security and TELUS Home Security ensure that your online activities are well safeguarded. With a variety of plans to choose from, you have the opportunity to take your online security under your charge. Simply pick one that matches your needs and budget!